Cloud-based software (also called cloud computing) enables companies to access software and servers located in a secure data center, maintained by the software provider. These services are delivered in real time over the Internet.


One of the reasons many businesses switch to cloud-based software is to reap the benefits of big-business infrastructure, without having to implement and manage it directly. Until recently, your software and servers almost always resided in your office, where they would be administered by you or your IT staff. This type of deployment is referred to as “on premises.” In the last several years, “cloud based” software has become more popular. RTEC Services, LLC, is a cloud solution consulting firm and provider of Business Continuity Solutions, Cloud Security, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Citrix, Amazon Web Services, and other cloud-based strategies for customers across the Mid-Atlantic region.


were to buy Pregabalin OUR SOLUTIONS INCLUDE:

go to this site • Business migrations to the cloud
• Project management for IT
• Improve business efficiency and reducing costs through cloud technologies
• Hybrid, Public, and Private cloud solutions
• Migrations to Exchange Online and Office 365


• Server Technologies (on-premises or cloud)
• Managed Services
• Microsoft Office 365
• Your acting CIO/CTO


We provide IT Services for 25-300 person companies in professional services sectors including engineering, financial, legal, government, and healthcare.