RTEC’s  security solutions framework can be summed up by three words… Detect. Protect. Remediate. We’re equipped with the tools, people, services, and solutions to keep your customers’ companies safe and provide you with peace of mind and confidence needed to grow your business.

Detect – Early proactive detection of cyber threats can prevent devastating security breaches. Our trained experts conduct proper network penetration and vulnerability assessments to discover weaknesses and gaps that can lead to unauthorized access to your entire infrastructure.

Protect – Once these vulnerabilities are detected, we’ll work together to provide the right tools, professional services, and solutions that best keep your customers protected. Staying a step ahead of cyber attacks is our number one priority.

Remediate – Attacks happen. And when they do, it’s important to put the proper policies and procedures in place to stop attacks from happening and preventing threats from happening again. Our goal is to help you eliminate your customers’ downtime allowing them to quickly return to running their business.

In an effort to stay ahead of the attack continuum, we offer the following key security technologies to empower you to deliver best in class cybersecurity.

Application and Data Security

With nearly millions of new malware threats occurring per day, it’s more important than ever for businesses of all sizes to actively protect their data from external and internal threats. Our total security solution works to prevent against data loss, high availability (storage), database security, and Web security designed to help you protect your customers.

Identity and Access Management

As businesses increase their use of social networking – and opening themselves up for threats – it’s more important than ever to make sure only the right people are given the right access. Through our solutions, we offer Identity and Access Management products, including authentication, two-factor authentication and three-factor authentication.

Secure Content and Threat Management

Businesses cannot afford to ignore the always-evolving threat landscape. Having a holistic, end-to-end solution is a must to defend and combat the level of today’s advanced risks. We offer Security Solutions including messaging (email and IM), network security (UTM, firewall/VPN, IDS/IPS, Wireless IPS), Web security (URL/content filtering, web application firewalls) and endpoint protection (AV, FW, Suites).

Security Compliance and Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Most companies are faced with the complexities and challenges of meeting internal and regulatory compliance requirements. We help resellers and their customers identify, classify, and minimize risk in real time. Our Security Compliance and Vulnerability Assessment and Management solutions are made up of products like endpoint management, forensics and incident management, policy and compliance, system and configuration management, system information management, device vulnerability and application scanners.